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  • CRM and Salesforce Automation

  • Warehouse Management




We highlighted some important features that you may need to run your business.

Sales Process

Create Quotes for customers, then convert it to Sales Orders which are reserving goods on storage. Warehouse staff are instructed how to pick and ship goods. Invoices could be created individually or by schedule.

Purchase and Replenishment

Purchase department plans and generates requisitions based on customer reservations or replenishment rules. Safety stock levels are periodically calculated by given criteria.


Cloudempiere helps to manage storage levels including locators or multiple warehouses. Inventory is handled by several types of documents (Material Receipt, Inventory Move, Customer Shipment, Counting and Internal Use).

Payment and Banking

Payment functionality covers processes from Petty Cash to Online Payments and gateways like PayPal. Bank Statements are automatically matched to invoices, partners, charges and exported by bank processor.

Online Accounting

Transactions are automatically submitted to ledger. Submitting is based on predefined accounting schemes. Bookkeepers can reconcile their accounting transactions and print Trial Balances and Financial Reports.

Advanced WMS

Logistic Centers require complex intra-logistic approach. Strategy for routing could be achieved by rules for In-Outbound/Replenish across zones, considering criteria as weight, attributes, vendor, lots and much more.

Technologies guarantee Customer Success !

We decided to use best technologies to achieve customer trust.


Our technologies are deployed on Amazon AWS – the most advanced infrastructure in the world. Amazon AWS has all industry standard certificates which make it top PaaS provider.

Availability 24/7

Cloudempiere is available 24/7 from the whole world using internet connection. Our servers are load balanced, disaster recovery and failure tolerant.


Growing infrastructure is monitored by tools like Datadoghq, TrackJS, Kibana stack and more.

Development Tools

OSGi Framework, Jetty Web server, JAVA, ZK Framework, PostgreSQL and Jenkins Server for continuous integration.




Benefits from Powerful Technologies



Customers data could be exported on request or periodically. Customer is notified for stored available backup, ready to download from secured link.

UI Experience

You don’t need to install any other software on your computer. Users can work through their favorite web browser using AJAX technology.

Free updates

Our team is working hard on improving functionalities. Releases are based on our Road-map or special customer requests.


Power Users are able to customize Forms, Window Layouts by Role/Language.

Online Communication

Cloudempiere warns You if there are some important notifications like Broadcast Messages, News Feeds, Splash Screens.

small man ready for fight with big businessman

"We aim to achieve precisely stock management, fast reaction on customer’s need, time and cost saving, easy accessibility and data protection based on professional solution, service and support. This was one of the core decisions for our success on Slovakian market.”
Yongkyo Jeong CEO, Albatros Logistics
We can always count on the team of the Cloudempiere. Their customer service is excellent, quick and always up-to-date. Our 2PL WMS is able to store and keep all the data about the customers´ goods in a brilliant way. Altogether with the scanners it is a life-saving solution for our company. Thank you!
Juraj Kukučka WMS Operation, Steinemann
"We like high availability and supporting our multiple site Warehouses. Our operation is minimally 16hours serving our KIA and Hyundai Supply chain"
Miroslav Popjak Albatros Cargo

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