What not to forget when establishing B2B e-commerce

Imagine your customer plans to change his e-commerce sales channel. First of all, it is essential to prepare a solid, well-defined plan with the most important goals. This blog will give an overview of all the necessary steps of such … Read More

Working with Catalogs

Product cataloging is one of the options available for the Product Information Management (Product Information Management – PIM). In addition to automatic product pricing, you can define taxonomy for all your products – a systematic classification of products including hierarchical … Read More

Affiliate Program

As part of our sales strategy, we have prepared Partner Program as a simple form of cooperation with financial and non-financial benefits. The main idea of the program recommends cloudempiere products and sourcing business opportunities for adequate remuneration. Who will be … Read More

How ALBATROS Logistic use cloudempiere

Albatros Logistics Ltd. is part of the international logistics company called Albatros Logistics Service GmbH based in Vienna. The company´s business is specialized in automotive and electronics sectors. Its mainly deals with the transportation of materials to and from European … Read More

Introducing – Planned Backup

We have released the first version of Cloudempiere Backup to fulfill our customers´ wishes about the data owning and storing functions. We proudly introduce a planned Backup feature, which helps customers to backup their data as frequently and precisely as … Read More