Software outsourcing or in-house development?



When the software solution you are currently using is no longer enough.

The time will come when our company’s processes will become more complex and the software solution we are currently using will no longer be enough. For this reason, we have to look for new software. But choosing software is also a complex process. We can solve it in-house, with our development, or we can outsource the tasks to a more specialized company.

Outsourcing is an agreement-based activity in which a company outsources a process or activity to another, more specialized company. The reasons for outsourcing are mainly related to factors of time, cost, knowledge, and expertise.

Why outsource?

Some processes and activities require much more knowledge and represent a higher level for our company. We can find a solution to these ourselves, even in-house. However, this can be much more costly, time-consuming, and risky - not to mention individual competency gaps.

But by outsourcing our processes, our company can get faster, more efficient, better quality and more cost-effective services, as well as saving money and time.

Today, we’ll look at the 5 main reasons, why you should outsource your software instead of in-house development.

1. Time

We want to develop our software, so we will need our own in-house IT department. Building an IT team itself is a more difficult task: finding, applying and further training professionals is a lengthy process. By outsourcing, we have the right professionals at our disposal right away, which can save our company a lot of time.

2. Costs

Setting up an IT department and developing your software comes at a much higher cost in the beginning. Getting the right professionals, training your employees, and acquiring new tools and technologies. Also, improvements may not work, the work of the IT department may take time, our processes may be stalled, and these will add additional costs to the company.

Outsourcing software is also costly, but you can avoid these extra costs and get the most out of your money.

3. Flexibility

When outsourcing, it’s worth considering that in addition to larger companies, there are smaller companies that can provide more flexibility in some cases. They can adapt more easily to our problems, pay more attention to studying the processes of our company, thus they can offer the best possible solution.

4. Knowledge

If we choose to outsource, we choose knowledge. We don’t always have the right professionals at our disposal, we may lack expertise and knowledge. These competency gaps can be easily filled through outsourcing.

5. Experience

If we choose to outsource, we choose to experience. We will have the opportunity to work with professionals with years of experience with several projects behind them. In-house development and our own IT department can involve more risks, but in the case of outsourcing, we can expect less risk. Not to mention time and costs.

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