Affiliate programme



As part of our sales strategy, we have prepared Partner Program as a simple form of cooperation with financial and non-financial benefits.

The main idea of the program recommends Cloudempiere products and sourcing business opportunities for adequate remuneration.

Who will be reaching out to partners and who will make recommendations of Cloudempiere? The target audience for the sale of products is business entities that have the potential for use of products and drawing Cloudempiere for your needs.


Type 1 – Referral Partner

The simplest form of partnership is ready for a passive partner with minimal time investment. Partner informs us about business opportunity contact through an electronic form which is available on our partner portal. Responsibility for closing a business is borne by our company, which reported on the status of a partner business opportunity (in the form of reports). Obtained in the transaction of his rewards.

Type 2 – Distribution Partner

It’s another level of partnership in which the partners incorporate into your portfolio Cloudempiere products. Partner has the competence to direct negotiations with potential customers through the Lead opportunity in addition to the trade. A prerequisite for entering into a partnership is an essential training partner, ensuring sufficient product knowledge Cloudempiere.

Type 3 – Specialized Partner

Partnership for suppliers of specialized industries that its business carried out in collaboration with other subcontractors. In this case, our company performs as a subcontractor. The conclusion of such a partnership relationship to its complexity requires careful preparation and active participation of the partners.

Partner Benefits

  • commission of 3% to 35 % of the value of deals during the first calendar year
  • opportunity to expand your portfolio
  • increase of business potential
  • obtaining products for their purposes in return commissions

How to become a Partner

If you want your affiliate program to be delivered, please contact us by email:



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