Cloudempiere as cloud solution



Cloudempiere offers several benefits for retailers that choose to use the cloud. These benefits represent a strong and, in our opinion, unique value.

Strong retail functionality to manage your cloud business

Cloudempiere provides complete strategies for retail operations. From customer management to transaction and financial management, including options that support your comprehensive strategies (online-offline integration of business channels).

These areas include:

  1. Simplified organizational setup for multiple stores with the creation of new stores and terminals in a matter of seconds
  2. Agile business management with fast updating of products, prices, and promotions within individual stores
  3. Real-time supply chain inventory and management
  4. Advanced forecasts and inventory planning
  5. Support Omnichannel / online-offline integration of business channels
  6. Integrated financial management

Technology platform that will be able to respond to future business developments

By adopting Cloudempiere, vendors will gain access to a flexible technology platform that provides a basic set of technologies that can be used to extend and customize Cloudempiere. To meet your business needs, completely new, different, and innovative business solutions can be developed. This means that you can:

  1. Have bigger and faster performance with lower risk in a truly modular architecture
  2. Integrate and connect everything, faster
  3. Sell continuously and ensure performance with different deployments tailored to the needs of each business
  4. Increase security and achieve greater business agility with Mobility and Cloud

Fully scalable, highly secure, reliable, and scalable cloud infrastructure

Through the Amazon AWS platform - Amazon Web Services, the world's most advanced infrastructure, Cloudempier provides a highly secure, reliable, and scalable cloud infrastructure

  1. Maximum flexibility
  2. Cloud reliability with a strong approach to disaster recovery
  3. Securing a cloud you can trust
  4. Guaranteed support for future cloud growth and innovation

Cost-effective prices

Finally, Cloudempiere offers efficient pricing schemes for your new cloud business solution. The key criterion is the price for software based on concurrent users and POS terminals.



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