IT Consultant

Bratislava, Slovakia

Consults primarily ERP, CRM, WMS, analyzes needs, proposes solutions, identifies product improvements, and deploys them in the customer's environment. He cooperates with Slovak and foreign customers, product managers, and with local and international partners.

Job description
  • The basis is good communication skills, both verbally and in writing in Slovak and English.
  • Needs analysis, identification - design of customer solutions and their implementation in the customer's environment.
  • Knowledge about IT processes, incoming customer requests.
  • Cooperating with the developer and with local, international partners.
Skills and requirements
  • Basic economic knowledge
  • Knowledge of areas: trade, logistics, economics and finance, warehouses and reporting
  • Experience with CRM, ERP, WMS, TMS, PSA
  • Project management and implementation (waterfall, agile)
  • Basic knowledge of database systems Postgres, SQL, Oracle
  • Experience with information system implementation
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) - advanced
Personality prerequisites
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Ambition
  • Independence
  • Notebook
  • Mobile phone
Salary conditions

The salary starts from 1 500€ according to mutual agreement.

*We are required by law to mention basic salary for the positions published. We fairly consider your knowledge and experience when offering you a position.

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