We provide software

We provide software solutions and consulting services to companies that need complex management of their business processes and warehouses. Our primary customers are entrepreneurs and salesmen who deal with large warehouses and need to improve their processes. Our main product is the Cloudempiere information system, which is used by many small and wholesale companies throughout Slovakia.

We are able to develop anything that comes to your mind!

We assist our customers in areas such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management, ERP, POS, Manufacturing, Accounting, Logistics and Warehouse Management (WMS). In addition, in recent years, we have gained experience in areas such as E-commerce, that is, the development of e-shops and mobile applications.

We continuously develop new features

We are constantly developing new features as we face ever increasing demands from our customers. We believe that our customers will be greatly assisted by new Business Intelligence (BI) based charts and tables to complete their business, management and administrative tasks. This provides the customer with new functionality such as transparency and visualisation of data in finance, marketing, manufacturing, logistics and other areas.

We speak Slovak, Hungarian and English

Our office is located in Senec. One of our benefits is that we are a small, family-owned company that maintains confidentiality with customers and employees.