The ERP implementation has a life cycle beginning with a company’s decision to go. Implementing system is a major project requiring a significant level of resources, commitment and changes throughout the organisation.

Request analysis

In order to understand the processes and needs within the organization, it is necessary to assess and evaluate the current situation. Using industry standards, business techniques, and understanding of the vertical sectors (logistics, hotels, eCommerce, service, etc.), we offer you our experience and we suggest optimizing your processes to maximize your value.

Data Migration

Data migration is a routine part of IT operations in today’s business environment. It often causes major disruptions as a result of data quality or application performance problems and it can severely impact budgets. To prevent these problems, organizations need a reliable methodology, planning, right tools, and intensive testing to succeed. We help you migrate your business data from old systems and data files.


There are two approaches: change the system according to the process and change the process according to the system. We help you to choose the gold middle way, where both approaches are optimised to reach the maximum achievable value.

Go-live assistance

Go-live is by far the most exciting milestone in the implementation of a new business software. In consideration of the social impact, which has the implementing of a new system on users, the effective management of changes is neccessary. End-users have to adapt to the new surroundings and process.

Integration services

We will analyse your existing business processes and help your company to consolidate all existing applications into one integrated system and integrate key data with minimal risk.

Project management

Project management is used for the coordination of customer projects at different scales. Project implementation plan defines project activities, commits employees to those activities, and promotes all implementation process.