We offer a variety of support services, from foundation level to strategic management accompanied. Cloudempiere subscriptions are delivered as technical service, available in 365/24/7h operation. Each customer account includes various services in depth-according product subscription. Customers are entitled ask over subscription support specific service contracts. Read more details about common support services channels we provide:


The english and Slovak online documentation describing the Service and its Products by the form of user manual including settings (configuration, forms, tax schemes, …). The Documentation my be updated by the Provider by releasing new Products and versions of the Product.

### Telephone Support Telephone customer support is available in standard business hours during business days minimally from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CET.

Customer Portal

The Support Portal serves as the central point of communication between the customer and the supplier. The service is available through a web browser and provides users with reporting requirements, incidents, problems, change requests, and more. Users have the ability to track the progress of the solution according to pre-set permissions. Incoming portals also handle incoming calls and requests, which then progress to other levels of problem solver processing. The overall impact on organisation and urgency is used to assign a priority level. Total communication and events are historically recorded and are the basis for communicating with the customer at the daily operational level. They contain information in a clear and readable form centrally for all the business activities and business lines.

SW Maintenance

The service provides for the repair of basic functionality that is subject to the Cloudempiere license. This service is performed by the vendor in cases where the customer has officially reported a software error and the vendor has confirmed the error based on the performed tests. The vendor informs the customer about the removal of the error, as well as the determination of the estimated time of issue of the new version.

Customer SLA

Customer requirements are transformed into Service Level Agreements.