Training & Education

Training services give you and your team skills, knowledge, and experience. Giving your employees the training they need will help them to be able to handle many situations when they arise.

We will explain how the new system improves their work and they will be able to work fully with our functionalities.

Who can be trained ?

End user trainings are intended for all users of the product line. They are mainly aimed at learning the functional properties of applications. Power user trainings are designed for super users who are technically competent. The training is focused on learning the functional properties of applications to a wider extent than ordinary users.

Individual Group Trainings:

End user trainings are made at the customer’s request at the customer’s specified location. They are scheduled to be deployed in the initial implementation of business applications, or in case of what an ongoing customer needs. Trainings may be provide role-based, for example purchasing or economic department.

Familiarity and interest in the new system differ widely among employees. That is why some employees might prefer an online training session and others might need a bit more hand holding or support in form of a personal coach.